Our Mission

To improve how cars should be maintained and elevate their appearance to stunning beauty and captivation.

To provide an honest source of education for our clients so they are aware of the benefits of proper care and the pitfalls of cheaper alternatives on the market.

To offer exceptional paint correction, ceramic coating and paint protection services which incorporate the initial vehicle analysis right through to after care service and maintenance.

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International Expertise

True craftsmen with over 17 Years industry experience and vast experience detailing in the United States, Europe and Australia. Masters of their craft, they have been trained by the best for the best and are highly proficient in the procedures of car detailing, paint correction and restoration, paint protection solutions such as; ceramic coating and paint protection film (PPF).

Overview Of Our Mobile Detailing Services


    We offer four levels of car paint correction, paint polishing and paint decontamination. Our detailing specialists can remove swirls and scratches, remove orange peel and produce show car mirror finishes where desired. Our mission is to find the right solution for you and your car to achieve your desired result.

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    Paint protection minimises the impact of the environment on your car. We offer premium waxes and sealant applications, interior leather and alcantara treatments, premium 9H ceramic coatings and ultimate paint protection film (PPF) options.

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    We offer mobile car detailing. The enhancement and protection of your car's paint is only halfway for a pristine appearance. Proper maintenance and paint care is paramount. Mobile maintenance detailing services are available to save you time and receive consistent results every time.

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Browse our portfolio on our Instagram page @shine.shield.delivered to see the latest projects in paint correction, paint protection and car detailing around Sydney.



Do you have a price list?

Since every car is different and every vehicle owner has different objectives, we tailor a bespoke service based on vehicle condition and client's goals. We can only offer a starting guide on our service pages (Shine | Shield | Delivered).

What is required on the day?

A garage or carport is ideal. Access to water and electricity. We have all the hoses and cables needed with us.

How do I book and appointment?

Simply call us to discuss. We’ll ask you a few questions to gauge your goals and get to know your car. A one-on-one assessment of the vehicle may be needed to review it’s condition before any quote is provided to ensure accuracy.

Which areas do you service?

We service the Sydney Metro area. We can travel as far North as Gosford, as far South as Engadine and as far West as Penrith however a travel surcharge may be added.
Contact us to confirm your area can be serviced.

What is maintenance car detailing?

Our mobile car detailing service is available to our clients Sydney wide. We also offer premium maintenance detailing to keep your vehicle feeling and looking pristine for the life of ownership. Our service is available weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Once off calls are reserved for our legacy clients or clients vehicles who have recently undergone a paint correction and protection service. Our attention to detail and techniques will ensure that your vehicle will capture the attention of others. 

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is a process that restores paint that contains defects such as scratches, swirls, oxidation and/or water spots to a smooth mirror finish. This is our specialty.

Paint Correction initially involves an experienced Master Detailer who measures the layers of primer, colour and clear coat with a paint depth thickness gauge. This process along with a detailed history of the car helps to determine how much clear coat or paint (for single stage paints) is left on the vehicle.

The paint work is decontaminated and cleaned before any imperfections and defects are removed. Once the paint is clean and free of debris it is ready for paint correction. The paint correction process is performed using premium polishing tools on the market and are used to enhance the clear coat to match our clients objectives. Dependent on whether our clients choose a single or multi stage correction process will determine how much and how many defects are removed.

What is paint protection?

We offer a variety of methods to protect your vehicle after a paint correction service and we've outlined below where they may be useful.

Waxes & Sealants

Perfect for a deep and natural gloss and shine, our premium high content carnauba waxes and synthetic polymer sealants are the perfect paint protection solution for vehicles that aren't driven often, are stored correctly and need to maintain their value through a "close-to-original" paintwork as possible. Recommended for stored car collections, classics with delicate paint and clients who want a warm, deep glow from their car's finish.

Ceramic Coatings

Think of the best wax or sealant you've come across and multiply it by one thousand. Ceramic coatings are the most durable layer of protection you can apply to your vehicle in liquid form which then cures to a hard SiO2 layer (precursor to glass). Our coatings are non-solvent based, UV stabilised, highly hydrophobic and oleophobic and don't require harsh wet sanding if you need to remove it at a later date. Our ceramic coating can only be applied when a vehicle undergoes a single stage paint correction or more. Perfect for daily drivers, hyper-cars, newer paint systems and lifestyle cars (i.e SUV, Utilities). 

Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Vinyl Wrapping

The ultimate protection in the industry at this moment is PPF or Vinyl Wrapping. If you want to protect your paint and fancy a colour change, vinyl wrapping is perfect. However, if you wish to keep the colour and protect it well PPF is the proven choice. Using a high quality film, which is die-cut and designed to fit your vehicles' panels, protects the cars underlying paint from peppering of rock chips, scratches, swirls and vandalism. PPF is available in transparent and satin/matte and can be topped with our ceramic coating to maintain ease of maintenance throughout the years. 

Highly Recommended for Proper Maintenance

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